Donald Kaberuka

The economist, served as president of the African Development Bank for 10 years, until 2015. He is an expert on African economies and their many infrastructure (and other) deficits, for which he tried to apply the full weight of the…

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AIW-2019-Speaker-Ami Dror-300

Ami Dror

Founder and CEO of LeapLearner, a Shanghai-based education technology company that enables children to code our AI-powered world. As a father of three, Ami is passionate about cultivating kids’ ability to be innovative and recently authored a Chinese best-selling book,…

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Manoj Kumar

Hard To Say, But Farmer, Thinker, Entrepreneur Come Close Having one day quit banking to embrace the life that had beckoned him, Manoj is feeding 1 million of India’s poorest school children daily, supplies 3 million with drinking water, and…

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Neo Muyanga

A composer, musician and librettist, travels the world telling stories hidden in plain sight with music. Born in Soweto, more or less resident in Cape Town, he studied the Italian madrigal tradition with the choral maestro Piero Poclen, in Trieste,…

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Nasir El-Rufai

Governor of Kaduna State, in northern Nigeria, where he is facing some of Africa’s most extraordinary challenges at close quarters. A former leading member of Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo’s economic team, he was in charge of Nigeria’s wave of privatizations…

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