Dr David Sengeh

David Sengeh

Dr. David Moinina Sengeh is the Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education and Chief Innovation Officer for the Directorate of Science, Technology, and Innovation of the Government of Sierra Leone. He is a senior TED Fellow.

He also launched the Education Innovation Challenge after learning that for a period of four years, not a single high schooler from his hometown region of Pujehun had obtained good enough grades for university. Today, that $1.5 million fund has grown into the $18 million Education Outcomes Fund.

Prior to his appointment as Sierra Leone’s Chief Innovation Minister and Education Minister, he was with IBM (in Nairobi and Johannesburg), applying data analytics to questions of public health. He holds an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering from Harvard University. He also completed a PhD at MIT’s Media Lab with research focused on improving the comfort and ease-of-manufacture of prosthetic limbs. He also has passions in music production and fashion design.