2019 Festival Speakers


Saul Singer

Author of Start-Up Nation. Sometimes a single book causes an entire country to see itself in a new light. Saul’s book, Start-Up Nation (co-authored with Dan Senor) explored the extraordinary story of how Israel became a hot house for world-leading tech ventures. Saul has become a leading thinker on how societies leapfrog.

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Francis Daniels

Trained in the law at Accra, Toronto and New York, but ended up neck deep in investment in African businesses. A managing partner at Africa Opportunity Fund, he also writes about economics and politics in Africa.

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Nicola Galombik

Executive director of the investment holding company Yellowwoods, is chairman and founder of Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator. Nicola has spent her entire career nestled in the seams where social innovation happens, especial around inclusive economies and the building of multi sector coalitions to drive change.

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Kayode Fayemi

The once and current governor of Ekiti State, in Western Nigeria, where political science uneasily meets political reality, though he apparently is not too worse for wear. Kayode, the author of Out of the Shadows: Exile and the Struggle for Freedom and Democracy in Nigeria, which chronicles his part in ending military dictatorship in Nigeria two decades ago.

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Ory Okolloh

Social Activist And Managing Director For Africa, Luminate Group Ory funds innovative and potentially transformative ventures throughout Africa as managing director of Luminate, an investment arm of the Omidyar Network. Ory was co-founder of Ushaidi, the pioneering crowdsourcing platform. Harvard Law School led not to law but to social activism and tech innovation.

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