Bishop Malusi Mpumlwana

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Ethiopian Episcopal Church

General Secretary – South African Council of Churches

Bishop Malusi Mpumlwana, a retired bishop of the Ethiopian Episcopal  Church, is the General Secretary of the South African Council of Churches, spearheading its work to lead common Christian action that works for moral witness in South Africa, addressing issues of social and economic justice, national reconciliation, the integrity of creation, eradication of poverty, and contributing towards the empowerment of all those who are spiritually, socially and economically marginalized. In this context, he is charged with spearheading the SACC campaign – The South Africa We Pray For, activated through the Civil Society Manifesto, a product of the SACC-initiated National Convention of South Africa process.

In this regard as General Secretary.

Bishop Mpumlwana leads the SACC in national advocacy and local ecumenical action of churches on the four pillars of the SACC campaign of Healing and Reconciliation; Economic Transformation; Comprehensive Quality Education; and Anchoring Democracy – a contribution to the promise of the post-apartheid South Africa: a just, reconciled, peaceful, equitable and sustainable society, free of racial, tribal, xenophobic and gender prejudices, free of corruption and deprivation, and with enough food and shelter for all; and for a society where each child born can grow and reach its God-given potential.